It’s fun to be a pioneer…

...and it doesn’t get much more pioneering than working at RockeTalk!


The opportunity we are chasing is vast, yet unproven….a true frontier.  While are just over 2 billion desktop Internet users on the planet, there are more than 6 billion mobile phone owner and we think that unlocking the largely untapped ‘mobile only’ Internet user is possible with an approach designed solely for mobile.


Using clever technology and a suite of addictive services presented in an app that works on any phone, we have now demonstrated that we can capture and retain these new digital consumers. We are now working hard to make our product look better, bring cool content and service through partners and proving also that we can monetize this new market.


We are constantly looking for fellow adventurers, who bring not just great skills but also the ‘can do-will do’ attitude that characterizes our culture.