Creating 'win-win' value

We at RockeTalk are strong believers in creating win-win value through close partnering. Since launch, we have relied on partners to assist us in distribution, monetization and in bringing unique attractions to our application, and at the same time have been able to reciprocate, offering differentiation, brand engagement and access to a brand new frontier of online consumers.

  • Advertisers – benefit from a totally new demographic of digital consumer, a unique opportunity to form a relationship and innovative ways for the brand to engage these new users.
  • Mobile operators – are able to assist RockeTalk with distribution, promotion and monetization while in return they benefit from increased voice and text usage, data attachment (from a segment of users that does not usually consume data) and increased engagement from existing users.
  • Handset Manufacturers – Preloaded or deeply integrated as a ‘hero’ feature of a device launch, RockeTalk brings differentiation, smartphone features and brand loyalty to any handset offering. In  return, Home screen or ‘launch wizard’ integration improves discoverability and the attach rate for new RockeTalk users.
  • Content Partners – very recently RockeTalk has opened it’s platform to third party content providers and both parties have enjoyed the benefits of finding new audience and bringing new attractions to RockeTalk users.