RockeTalk and Mobile Network Operators

RockeTalk has closely partnered with Mobile Network operators since our launch in 2009. We have found these relationships to be very much a ‘win-win’ where each party understands the value they bring to one another:


What Carrier’s bring to RockeTalk

      • Discoverability – on device, portals & app stores
      • Distribution – by bundling RockeTalk with a carrier offering
      • Billing – a means of charging for in app purchases
      • Marketing 


What RockeTalk brings to a Carrier 

      • Data attachment – an application that requires data
      • Call & Text continuity – an application that triggers calls & texts
      • Revenue – indirect (data, calls, texts etc) and direct (rev share)
      • User retention – where integrated with a carrier plan


Based on this understanding we typically form two levels of partnership with an operator:


a) Distribution agreement – where the carrier offers premium deck placement and device preloading in return for the indirect benefits of increased usage of calls, texts and data.
b) Fully integrated partnership – were the relationship deepened to include revenue share…typically in both directions where in app purchases are shared with the operator and RockeTalk receives a share of revenue from bundled plans featuring RockeTalk.


To discuss these options in greater detail, please e-mail us at or complete our partner contact form here