• RockeTalk is free to use, but carriers may charge data service rates for downloading and using the application with a limited or no data plan.

    We have designed RockeTalk so that it uses very little data but to give you total ease of mind we recommend that you contact your carrier about an unlimited data plan which means you can use RockeTalk as often as you like 

  • You do not necessarily need a data plan to use RockeTalk but you do need to have access to data from your phone.

  • RockeTalk works on most Java and Symbian phones such as those supplied by Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and most of the leading brands.

    More recently due to popular demand we have built versions for smartphones too – iPhones, BlackBerry and Android devices all have RockeTalk in their app stores

  • We're working to make RockeTalk available to as many users as possible and are continually adding new phones.

    If we don't currently support your phone, you can still access the RockeTalk from your mobile browser at

  • RockeTalk can be used from any supported mobile phone provided you have access to a data connection (can browse the Internet from your mobile phone) and your carrier does not block access to our servers on the Internet.

Getting started

Using RockeTalk

  • Setting up a profile on RockeTalk is one of the most important steps to meeting new people and making friends on RockeTalk. Access ‘My Page’ and select ‘edit profile’, and enter as much detail about yourself as you wish to share. Other RockeTalk users are interested in whether you are male or female, where you are from, your interests and of course are attracted by a photo or other multimedia such as an audio ringback tone or greeting. The more complete your profile, the more interesting you become and the more likely you are to make lots of new friends.

  • If you know the user's RockeTalk user name [or ID] you can type it in directly in the To box. This is the ID or name that was used during registration. Alternatively you can add him as your buddy and then pick the address from the buddy list. You can enter an e-mail address in the ‘To’ box to send messages. You can send any combination of text, voice and picture to RockeTalk IDs and e-mail addresses.

    You can send messages to multiple destinations by entering combinations of the above address types.

  • Multiple recipients [upto a maximum of 10, consisting of RockeTalk IDs, RockeTalk Group IDs, e-mail addresses and phone numbers] can be entered in the To box separated by ";" OR ",". While in the To box, on some phones, pressing "*" will popup option to insert special characters.

  • RockeTalk currently supports up to 30 seconds of voice recording.

    Sometimes it stops recording before the 30 seconds and says "Timeout Send partial message" ?

    RockeTalk currently has a limitation on inserting voice along with a higher resolution picture. This is a temporary limitation and will be fixed soon.

  • RockeTalk currently has a limitation on inserting a higher resolution picture.

    Please set your camera resolution [Image Quality] to Medium or Low and try.

  • On most phones, when the camera is active, if you click on Options, you will see a Settings option. Clicking on this will allow you to set the Image Quality for the pictures taken. Please refer to your Phone's Manual for more details.

  • We understand and share your feelings on this issue. Currently we do not support playing voice messages through the phone's internal speaker. We will have a fix for this very very soon.

  • We have identified this issue with the RockeTalk co-existing with a VoiceSignal application on the phone. Currently we do not have a workaround for this problem. If you are stuck with this problem trying to use RockeTalk for the first time, please uninstall VoiceSignal from the phone and then try.

  • The process for uninstalling RockeTalk will depend on your phone. But in general you'll need to:

    • Access your mobile phone's list of downloads and/or applications and highlight "RockeTalk."
    • Select "Delete," "Remove," or the like from the list of options or settings associated with RockeTalk.