RockeTalk offers brands a very different advertising opportunity.

      • We are a digital property of scale – with more than 1.5Bn page views per month and upwards of 17m users, half of whom are engaged for more than two hours in any month.
      • We know a lot about our users & can offer exceptional targeting - Unlike most broadcast, print or even digital outlets, RockeTalk knows a lot about our users. We know where they are from, their gender, their age and through their community membership, their likes and dislikes. While we never pass this information to a brand or any third party, we use this data to tailor campaigns for our advertising partners, not just to deliver the most effective response but also to ensure they are relevant to our users and thus minimize any negative to the service they enjoy with RockeTalk.
      • We offer much more than display advertising – with tiny screen real estate available to us on a mobile device, RockeTalk has been busy reinventing how brands can interact with consumers on a mobile device. Our rich media technology and service features (pictures, video, audio as well as text) offer unique opportunities for non intrusive brand placement and even building community around a brand.

RockeTalk has delivered a number of ‘world firsts’ as we work closely with brands and agencies to delivery truly differentiated and engaging mobile native campaigns. Our innovations are all templated for reuse and we would be happy to discuss these in detail with you as part of any campaign plan.


Our campaign partners have only good things to say about our service:


“RockeTalk has shown extraordinary nimbleness, first by staying ahead of the curve in acquiring a substantial registered base, and now by using its social framework to go beyond pure banner advertising and creating compelling tailor-made brand propositions for engagement over large-scale campaigns. Their custom made programs for brands are redefining the mobile advertising possibilities in India.” Vinod Thadani C.O.O.- Madhouse India


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